Channeled Light Group Meditation

Every Wednesday

CLM is group meditation that includes a combination of guided meditation, energy healing, brainwave entrainment and sound frequencies.

In a nutshell, it’s a brand new way to integrate deep healing while learning/experiencing meditation. Each session is 40 minutes. Appropriate for all levels. For more information about CLM and Haven Meditation & Healing Arts go to:

Channeled Light YOGA

Every Wednesday

Each Wednesday, before CL Meditation. CLY is a 50 minute yoga-moving-meditation that includes a combination of restorative, gentle yoga, sound healing, and energy healing. Suitable for all skill levels, even first-time yogis.

Bring a mat! (First session is free, just use the code FIRSTFREE when booking!)

Raw Spirituality Live In-Person Q&A

February 25th 2018 12:00pm – 2:30pm

In this these two hour live in-person events Alyssa & Zack answer questions from you, our Raw Spirituality listeners! Topics include awakening, ascension, multi-dimensional living, spirit communication, psychic defense and spiritual partnership.

Go beyond the ordinary into the dynamics of the unseen world, as Alyssa and Zack demystify the path to enlightenment.

Discover Your Divine Team Workshop

Friday March 2nd – Sunday March 4th 2018

We all have a Divine Team of spiritual helpers that include Ascended Masters, Angels, Guides and Councils of Light. In this intuitive development experience, we’ll gather in beautiful Austin, TX, where you’ll assemble and connect with Your Divine Team.

You’ll also feel a deeper connection with your Higher Self and learn how to hear your true inner voice. No experience necessary.

Channeling & Mediumship Workshop

March 17th, 2018, 10:00 AM –5:00 PM CDT

Everyone has the innate ability to channel higher dimensional energy! In this intuitive development workshop, you’ll be attuned to a higher resonance, allowing you to receive guidance and messages from higher dimensions: guides in spirit, angels, and those who’ve transitioned to the other side.

You’ll learn how to channel while staying in the Light, as Alyssa guides you through the process. Class intentionally kept small, so space is limited. No experience necessary.

Channeled Light Healing + Reiki Levels 1 & 2

Saturday & Sunday, April 21th & 22th, 2018

Channeled Light Healing™ including Reiki Hands On Healing, Levels 1 & 2 with Reiki Master Teacher, Alyssa Malehorn. Activate and upgrade your healing ability, supercharge your intuition and feel deeply connected to your Higher Self. Learn how to work with high-level healing energies for yourself, other people, animals & the planet. No previous experience required/expected

Channeled Light Healing + Reiki Levels 3 and 4 (Reiki Master)

June 9th- 10th, 2018, 10am-4pm each day

Channeled Light Healing™ including Reiki Hands On Healing, Levels 3 (Advanced) + 4 (Reiki Master) with Reiki Master Teacher, Alyssa Malehorn. Take the next steps! Upgrade your healing ability, supercharge your intuition and feel deeply connected to your Higher Self. Learn how to work with even higher-level healing energies for yourself, people, animals & the planet.

Classes are kept small for individual attention. Pre-requisites: CLH+Reiki 1&2

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What People Are Saying About Alyssa

Lacy Lockwood

Google Review
“I was amazed. This experience sealed my belief that this is real.”

Joseph Clough

Google Review
“Alyssa is simply awesome! I had a session with her around 3 months ago, and she was spot on with so much information.”
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Alana Conklin

Google Review
“Alyssa is a spiritual rock star! She is truly the “real deal.” Her insight and guidance in private consultations are absolutely transformational.”

Suzanne Courtney

Google Review
“If you are fortunate enough to meet and receive life insights from this young and sprightly Sage, you will forever be changed for the better.”

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