Course 4: Relationships & Soul Mates


In this course you’ll learn about love, soul mates, soul contracts, divine masculine & feminine energy, your chakra type and twin flames. For maximum benefit use the hand mudras during the guided meditations or with the suggested mantras while meditating on your own. The OM mantra can also be used with any of the mudras during solo meditation.


Apana Mudra: For Balancing

Mantra: I allow myself to heal

The Apana mudra improves all aspects of digestion, balances energies throughout the body and mind.  Join the tips of the ring and middle fingers together with the thumb.  Keep your index and little fingers extended.

Samputa Mudra: For Heart Chakra

Mantra: I am Divine Love, I am Divine Light

The Samputa mudra balances all the five elements, helps to heal the heart, reduces suffering on all levels, helps connection with your authentic true nature. Join the hands together, palm to palm with the thumbs resting side by side.  Create a space between your palms, and allow the thumbs to gently rest slightly inside the opening.

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