Course 9: Universal Spiritual Laws


Learn all about the Universal Spiritual Laws that energetically shape our experiences, work with the energy, not against it! For maximum benefit use the hand mudras during the guided meditations or with it’s mantra while meditating on your own. The OM mantra can also be used with any of the mudras during solo meditation.


Ushas Mudra: To Get Into The Flow of Positive Energy

Mantra: : I choose the joy of life

The Ushas mudra helps to wake yourself up mentally and bodily, increases productivity and awakens the creative mind.  Harmonizes glands. Clasp hands together, gently with the left index finger on the top.  Allow for space between the thumbs and index fingers, so there is an open circle on each side.

Sahasrara Mudra: For Connecting With All That Is

Mantra: I Am Divine Light, I am Divine Love

The Sahasrara mudra benefits all of the glands in the body, reduces headaches, activates the body’s self-healing power, calms the mind and spirit, reminds us of the connection with all of life.  Join the tips of the index fingers and thumbs to form a diamond shape with the hands.  Hold either in front of the chest, or over the head (especially effective outdoors, to connect with the energy of the sun or the moon).

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