Course 1: Frequency & Meditation


In this course you’ll learn the ins and outs of meditation, how to raise your frequency and the frequency of your home. For maximum benefit use the hand mudras during the guided meditations or with the suggested mantras while meditating on your own. The OM mantra can also be used with any of the mudras during solo meditation.


Bhairava Mudra: To Allow Relaxation

Mantra: May I be safe, May I be happy, May I be healthy, May I be free

The Bhairava mudra calms the mind, helpful in meditation – Place right hand on top of the left, rest both hands in the lap, palms up. Keep your fingers gently together, including the thumbs.  You can also put the left hand on top of the right, for the alternate Divine feminine version of this mudra.  Use whichever version feels most natural to you.

Hridaya Mudra: To Release Emotional Issues

Mantra: I allow myself to heal

The Hridaya mudra rejuvenates the heart, releases emotional stress both recent and long-held. Helps to regulate blood pressure, calms anxiety, stills the mind, opens the heart. – On each hand – Fold the index finger down on itself, so the tip tucks into the base and the first knuckle touches the base of the thumb. Join the pads of the middle and ring fingers with the thumb, then extend the little finger. Rest your hands on the tops of the thighs, palms up.

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