Course 7: The Other Side


Ghosts, spirits, life between lives, and the spiritual stages of death are all covered in this course, as well as spirit communication. For maximum benefit use the hand mudras during the guided meditations or with the suggested mantras while meditating on your own. The OM mantra can also be used with any of the mudras during solo meditation.


Mushti Mudra: For Centering

Mantra: I Am Here, I Am Now

The Mushti mudra creates a feeling of overall centeredness, relieves nightmares and other sleep issues, reduces anxiety and nervousness.  On each hand, touch the tip of the thumb to the base of the ring finger.  Close your remaining fingers around the thumb to form a fist.

Karana and Kashyapa Mudras: For Clearing Space

Mantra: I am sovereign, I am free

The Karana and Kashyapa mudras clear spaces much like sage would clear unwanted energies, and invite in higher level energies. Form the Karana with the right hand, and the Kashyapa with the left hand.  Kashyapa entails placing the tip of the thumb in-between the middle and ring fingers.  Close the remaining fingers as if making a fist.  Hold Kashyapa firmly against the small of your back, and hold your right hand out in front of you, while walking around your space, just like you would with a bundle of sage in your hand. (Option to use sage in your right hand.)  Open doors or windows, and if you like, ring bells to complete your cleansing ritual.

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