Course 2: Spiritual Awakening


In this course you’ll discover your true soul’s essence, your soul’s age, the symptoms of spiritual awakening, & much more. For maximum benefit use the hand mudras during the guided meditations or with it’s mantra while meditating on your own. The OM mantra can also be used with any of the mudras during solo meditation.


Mushtika Mudra: For Spiritual Awakening

Mantra: Higher Self, Reveal Thyself

The Mushtika mudra awakens an enlightened attitude, opens the heart, reduces anxiety and self doubt, calms the mind and the spirit, weakens the hold of self-defeating habits and ego-grasping.  With each hand, bring the pads of the fingers toward the heel of the hand. Join the hands together side by side.  In a relaxed seated position, hold this mudra against the center of your chest, relax the body and breathe gently and naturally.  You may feel emotion and love, a release of stress, and a welling up of compassion within you.  Hold for 5 to 45 minutes, or until you feel the wellspring of compassion that is so full of gratitude, it may bring you to grateful tears.

Dharmachakra Mudra: To Release Constriction

Mantra: I am free

The Dharmachakra mudra encourages deep, mindful breathing, serves as a tool to connect with the Divine nature within us, helps balance the mind and the spirit, the inner and outer worlds. – Join the tips of the thumbs and index fingers of each hand.

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