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Lightworker Academy is a 6-week online training program specifically designed for healers, soul-based business owners and anyone feeling the call to expand their consciousness into higher light realms while upgrading their path of service to others.

You’ll strengthen your energy systems, increase your connection with your sacred heart and upgrade your relationship with money, energetically clearing the path for more clients and true abundance.

Do you sense the beautiful power of your Soul Self awakening more deeply?

Are you ready to express your dynamic healer’s heart and activate prosperity?

Are you ready to step into a new life where divine service is matched with wealth?

It’s here for you, now.

This course covers the metaphysical, spiritual and practical physical aspects of expressing yourself as a Lightworker, a healer. It’s a journey of deep discovery of yourself, energy systems, beliefs and so much more. Whether you currently work in the healing arts or would love to make the transition to serving in the healing arts community, this course is for you, supporting you in a profound, practical & loving way.

This is a 6-week intensive course, only to be entered into with a profound desire to shift, change and grow into the next level of yourself.

This program is for those who are currently studying, practicing or working in the following modalities – and those who aren’t, but would love to!

Reiki practitioners
Energy healers of all types
Yoga teachers
Meditation teachers
Hypnosis Practitioners
Psychic Mediums
NLP Practitioners
Life Coaches
Resonance Repatterning Practitioners
Massage Therapists
Those with a HEALER’S HEART, but without specific direction or understanding

Whether your soul work is currently in the healing arts, Or you want it to be, Or you’re in transition… if it speaks to you,

This course is for you.

Course Content

The course is divided into (6) one-week modules that will provide you with a host of multi-dimensional tools to explore, encourage, support and guide you into the embodiment of your larger, SOUL SELF.

Lightworker Academy is a comprehensive course that’s fun, fulfilling, exploratory, community building – and challenging on multiple levels. The challenging aspect is a symptom of expansion into your more confident, expressive nature.

Within the course, you’ll be guided to explore your beliefs and how you may be holding some energies that aren’t aligned with who you truly are, the expansion you are seeking and the prosperity that is your birthright.

You’ll shift and transform, week after week, as you begin to develop strengths and gifts that have been hidden by self-limiting beliefs. We’re creating a foundation of soul awareness that is the cornerstone of a true, loving, prosperous lightworker.

Our journey through the course

We’ll explore each module over 1 week. Each module will include:

  • 4 Video Lessons
  • 4 Audios (Guided Meditations/Hypnosis)
  • 4 PDF Downloads For Exploratory Journaling
  • Group call or a video chat Q&A as well as community connection, group meditation and training.

Each Q&A is recorded and posted on our closed FB group, for your reference or for your access if you’re unable to join us at the time. You’ll have access to the growing library of content as we move through the course, and afterward as well.

My intention and desire is to get to know you, exactly where you are, and do my best to support, assist, teach and hold space for you as you expand and unfold into your next level of soul embodiment.

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What Students Are Saying

“I pretty much never want this journey to end. It is such a blessing to have such gentle and wise guidance, and an incredibly safe and supportive peer group, to dive deep into all of the things. Awareness in the greatest tool, and each facet of this program has brought immense clarity about the patterns I hold, the way I show up, the beliefs I have. It’s so empowering to be able to examine this and consciously choose to keep what serves me, release what does not, and author my own story. I know this allows me to show up for other’s in a calmer and more compassionate way and pass on the clarity to those who seek it.”

– Kimberly B.

“I’ve had such an amazing journey with Alyssa and my fellow Lightworkers over these past few weeks, that it’s hard to describe just how life-changing an experience this course truly is. Each lesson is designed to help you dig deep into your consciousness, shed your false beliefs, and reclaim your true power. Alyssa is there for you every step of the way, steadfastly supporting your healing and growth. One of the most important things that I’ve learned is that Lightworkers come from all walks of life. If you don’t have what you believe to be a “typical” Lightworker career, do NOT let that dissuade you! If you feel drawn to this course, trust that you’re ready for the extraordinary spiritual upgrades that await you!”

– Kimberly S.

“I’ve loved every second of my time in Lightworkers Academy.  Each week I find myself getting so excited for the new module and meditation to come out. The content is both thought provoking and heart centered.  I’ve learned so much about myself, especially how to live in heart coherence, which has been a huge shift for me. If your wanting to blast off into the outer realms and other dimensions in the safety and guidance of the most amazing spiritual teacher ever, then this is the course for you.  I feel so lucky and am forever grateful to Alyssa for holding such a beautiful space for us all to grow and learn as she shined her light on us all. This was a huge growth phase for me.”

– Danielle K.

“I’m so glad I chose to do the Light Workers Academy program. The content has been great, it has had me look deeper in some areas of life, that I may have only scratched the surface on. As a result, old patterns are being shed and new paradigms are emerging. The meditations have been incredible; I have been having many visceral and visual experiences, leading to beautiful upgrades. One of the biggest breakthroughs I have had around my business is boundaries; learning where I had some, as well as none and how I needed to strengthen those for myself and my clients. Overall, I’m very pleased with the program and am so glad I chose to take it. Thank you so much Alyssa for creating such a wonderful opportunity!!”

– Tara M.

Module Content


Once you’ve registered you get access to the Pre-Course Material that will prepare you for the excitement that awaits you! This includes a welcome video and guided meditations/hypnosis recordings that will begin to awaken your awareness to the shifts ahead.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll also begin receiving daily energy healing through Alyssa, to help you prepare for your growth and align with your highest potential.

And finally, you’ll receive your invitation to the private Facebook Group, and begin getting to know your Lightworker Classmates.

Module 1: Comfort Zone Be-Gone

Our first module is designed to get you out of your comfort zone right off the bat – so we can begin to identify outdated programs/conditioning/beliefs and create new, upgraded ways of being that truly fit who you are. This is your opportunity to reveal yourself – TO yourself – in a gentle yet powerful way. Let’s get clear on who you are and what you believe…

About yourself, your work, your role, your contribution, your mission and your purpose. Which beliefs are working for you, and which ones might be holding you back?

Where do you store your patterns and imprints, and how do you heal yourself? What parameters have you unconsciously placed around your life? Your schedule? Your gifts and capabilities? What about your ability to be successful? And by the way, we’ll discover what success looks like for you, and begin paving the way.

You’re in control of this process 100%. You can skim the surface or take the deep dive into what’s really motivating you, while discovering more of your strengths and gifts along the way.

Module 2: Meet Your New BFF…Your Archetype

Did you know that before you were born into this life, you chose a specific archetype, a way of being with others, that is natural and easy for you Every healer, everyone who desires to assist others with facilitating growth and change, has an archetype, a way of being. When you know your archetype, and use it in the utmost way, your work becomes easier, and you’re on the road to knowing yourself in a whole new way.

This allows you to see OTHERS in a whole new way as well. We’ll also cover some age-old questions:

Is this MY emotional/physical/energetic stuff or THEIR stuff? How do I protect myself energetically? What about competition? There are a lot of healers out there.

Module 3: Your Human and the Field

This module brings you the awareness of when your “human” is leading, and when you’re allowing your soul to run the show – which is your happiest, most joyful state. We’ll get super clear on heart brain coherence as a state of being-ness, and learn how to get in – and stay in – that coherent state, more and more.

You’ll develop an understanding of your brain wave states and the brain wave states of your clients and how this affects your level of effectiveness and ease in your work. What’s happening spiritually in each of the brain wave states; and which spirit guides, angels and ascended masters are connecting with us depending on our state?

Deepen your understanding of vibration, frequency, mood, temperament and how healing happens on all of these levels. There are universal laws at work here, and knowing them, working with them is KEY. This applies to all modalities, all of the time.

Why is the torus field so important? What difference does it make to cells in the body, systems like the nervous and immune systems, and overall happiness and wellbeing. And most importantly, how do we optimize it in ourselves and our clients?

And finally in Module 3, we’ll discuss the energy system and all of it’s wonders, layers and physical/mystical qualities.

Module 4: Money Money Money

We know that you’re probably not motivated by money – but you can’t pay your electric bill in barter. So let’s go down the rabbit hole of the financial aspects of the healing arts. While we’re in the money system, and that’s how we acquire the things we require to survive, let’s get comfortable with it and heal what’s holding you back from real prosperity!

Tuning in to what your beliefs/programs/conditioning/traumas about money are imperative to moving forward in abundance. We’ll activate the big shift into deeply rooted prosperity consciousness, and work with choosing your rates based on your new upgraded state.

What is the purpose for money in your practice and your life, what is it (or the lack of it) teaching you? Let’s get the lesson and move on into the life that you dream of.

Module 5: Sacred Sphere, Space and Ritual

In this module we’ll deep dive into your space (or your plan for your space.) Whether you’re working from an office, a shared space, your home, visiting clients at their homes/offices, or transitioning from one to the other – creating sacred space influences every being who arrives to be with you (both physically and non-physically).

We’ll talk about some before and after work rituals that will support you and your clients alike.

You’ll learn:

How your space influences who comes to see you (both physical and non-physical beings).

How to create your space for optimal comfort, healing and prosperity.

Before and After Work Rituals

Module 6: The 7 Habits of Happy Holistic Healers

In this module we’ll dig into the 7 habits you can integrate to create a foundation of happiness in your work. We’ll cover the mechanics of client sessions, from the scheduling of appointments to greeting clients, all the way through to the afterglow. It doesn’t matter what modality you practice, or what combination of gifts you employ – these apply to all of us.

We’ll also cover more practicalities regarding burnout, client expectations, and what boundary and self-care practices will insure you stay well and happy.

After the modules.

The Facebook Group will continue, to help you stay connected and feel supported as you embark on the next chapter in your personal and professional journey! You’ll also continue to have access to the resources provided during the course.

The week after the course ends is when you’ll have the option to be paired with another Lightworker Academy student, to offer a gratis session, whether you’re in the same area or can provide your services remotely.

When you’re serving: This allows for practice and integration of your new, upgraded way of being with clients.

When you’re receiving: This allows for the opportunity to experience another’s services, and provide supportive, loving encouragement to your “teammate”.

For more details book a free session below.

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