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Alyssa is temporarily not accepting new clients, she’s booked over 6 months in advance. 

To connect with Alyssa in other ways: 

* For online Q&A’s and other remote healing events,

* Listen to the Raw Spirituality Podcast (free on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play or wherever you get your podcasts)

Thank you for your understanding and we’re looking forward to connecting with you!

New clients: If you wish to book a session now; for over 5 years, Alyssa has mentored two talented natural psychic mediums/healers, Karen Cooper and Danielle Garcia. You may book an appointment with either of them, below.

Current clients: Please email to request a 50- or 90-minute session with Alyssa.

How Good Is Alyssa?

Kim Iverson

Host Of Psychic Insight

“Hands down, most accurate psychic I have ever spoken to in my five years of doing this show.”

Kim Iverson On Air Testimonial - Psychic Insight Radio Show

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