This Free Masterclass Reveals...The 5 Step Blueprint Our Lightworker Clients Use To Have A Stable, Profitable,
Heart-Based Business That Changes Lives...
Without Learning Any Complicated Marketing Techniques Or
Feeling Like They're Selling Out

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In this masterclass, you'll discover:

  • The exact game plan our lightworker clients are using to finally make a business out of their gifts, and fully support themselves and their families, while making a massive difference in the world.

  • How they're fully activating their healer's heart to serve others, without feeling drained or overwhelmed.

  • What they're doing to energetically magnetize clients to them, without extensive marketing, networking or legwork.

  • Why following what the marketing 'experts' are doing is the exact wrong way to grow a lightworker business ... and how the people we work with have incredible success without ever using cheesy marketing tactics or hard-pressure sales.

  • How our clients make a great living in the healing arts, without sacrificing their own well-being, working themselves to the bone or compromising their integrity.

  • And, how we do ALL of this, even if they've been trying to make this work for years, with little to no success.

Alyssa Malehorn

Known as the mentor of old souls, Alyssa is a spiritual teacher, intuitive, ascension guide and Reiki Master Teacher. Certified in Hypnosis, NLP, Time Line Therapy, Coaching & HeartMath Training. She has taught thousands of lightworkers from all backgrounds and in all types of careers, for almost 30 years.